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    Quote Originally Posted by David W. Jones View Post
    OK, wireless lav mic would be my choice.

    Also what's the most important point here, showing off the high energy realtor, or getting good shots of the property so it sells?
    The realtor does his act with lots of humour thrown in. But lots of great shots of the multi million dollar property too. This isn't award winning shooting, but the product is great for the marketing style that he has. Thanks for the input. I'll go with the lav.

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    I shoot a lot of motorsports and my subjects are always moving..BUT....not too much. I can normally get them to stay in a small space but the background noise is normally VERY intense. Lots of metal on metal sounds and low tones from other racecars etc. I use a Sennheiser MKH 8060 and was about 4ft away when we shot this short impromptu interview.

    I agree with the others. If your subject moves out of the range of the mic your audio goes to hell fast.
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    Hi, Wireless lav for sure. Have a look at my website there is exactly this scenario with a realtor.
    Rod Pike
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