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    Seems like my videos are falling apart!!!HELP!!!
    I've been shooting and editing videos with my canon 60d for about a year now. Never really had too big of an issue with quality loss when exporting my final video and uploading to youtube. However, lately I've been noticing that my videos when being uploaded to youtube are beginning to look more blurry just about every time. I'm not sure if its a camera issue, or an export issue but I attached a link to a more recent video so you guys can check it out. Let me know if it looks below average, or am I just paranoid. Thanks.

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    Doesn't seem to be blurry to me.

    But other than the camera there are other factors to think about; what lens are you using, are you using any ND filters, shooting wide open - all of which can effect the blurriness of an image right off the bat. Then what are you doing in post; some presets from MB can cause a lot of blur for instance.

    Is the raw footage and the exported footage very different?

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    Thanks man. Everything looks pretty good until I upload to youtube, and yes I know that youtube is gonna take away from the quality a little bit regardless, but it just seems like my videos used to look a little more crisp even after uploading to youtube. IDk, like I said, maybe I'm just paranoid...

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