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    Past fests
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    Going a bit non-sequitor here.

    For those of you who remember (or don't) Phil Donahue in 'An Enchanted Twist of Peccadilloes' some years and many fests ago, and who played along side Giselle Hyland (who later picked up a best-actress nomination a few fests later in 'Song of the Whipoorwil' - both films produced/shot/directed/lit, etc. by Joe Saba/Zazacast) is together again with Giselle in a feature film titled 'Finding Me', now in the final stages of pre-prod.

    I would like to invite you to stop by the FaceBook page and say hi to these fine actors who first met via DVXuser.

    In this film, Phil will be playing along side the very talented lead, Morgan Hennum, with Giselle in as supporting.

    In case you missed it, I have a journal running here as well ...


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    God it must just be my morbid imagination but for a sec i was concerned you were about to present an obituary for someone! So yep what you actually said haha is cool, and great news!
    Feature: LORD OF TEARS - A New Legend in Horror - Pre-Order Now

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