I've been the primary user of this camera, shooting videos for clients.

In case you're not that familiar, the Panasonic DVX100a is a 3-CCD pro-sumer camera with spectacular image quality, can shoot both 24 and 30 progressive frames per second (as well as 60i), and has two balanced XLR audio inputs, as well as all the advanced features you can expect from a professional camera.

Here is some info about this camera: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panasonic_AG-DVX100
Here are more specs:

It has been taken care of impeccably and is in great condition and works perfectly. I have had a UV filter on it throughout its use to protect the lens. It has no scratches on the body, no issues internally and looks great, other than a little dust and normal wear. It has recorded 470 hours. It comes with: the remote control, the original battery plus two additional high-capacity 3400mAh batteries, the battery charger/adapter, power cable, UV lens attached, A/V cable, and the operating instruction manual.
I'd like to get $875, or $950 with the nice fitting Kata camera bag, but just make me a reasonable offer (add shipping) It's still a fantastic camera. I'll even throw in a Sony WCS-999 wireless mic system.
(Or, if you are in the northern Cal area and can physically come get it so I don't have to ship it, I'll throw in a fully adjustable, heavy-duty Manfrotto-Bogen tripod.)

Please email me at appaluci@gmail.com or even call directly if you're serious at 310.529.4902.