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    Production Horror Stories
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    With things getting a little quiet I thought it might be fun to start a thread cover production difficulties (horror stories) and how they were overcome.

    As mentioned before, for the underwater shot on "The Light Once Captured" it was intended for the camera to drop from the actors hand when viewed from underwater. This was actually a hard shot to set up and communication with the actor was difficult. Due to my issue with my gear I was struggling to be stable underwater while holding my breath. This resulted in me missing the camera drop (which fell into eel grass and was lost) as well as only being able to produce around 5 seconds of good footage. We attempted to reshoot this after I corrected the issues on my end to have the GoPro dive housing flood and fry Ryan's GoPro (GoPro has agreed to replace all items FYI).

    To correct the issues on my end I added a lot of additional weight to keep myself on the bottom. We only shot in around 10-15 feet of water but when you breath in at these depths you tend to start to float upwards due to the increased bouyancy. The weight helped stabalize me for shooting and not put myself at risk while holding my breath to avoid bubbles in the shot. The usuable footage from the first shoot was then extended using Twixtor allowing it to fit into the final film as planned.

    Anyone have any humourous or educational stories?
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    Default time at band wait....forget it.

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    Great story - about the water - not the band camp.

    Our shoot went fairly smoothly.

    The only awkward moment I remember is when someone stepped on our spear halfway through the shoot and broke it in half. We reassembled it with gaffers tape and then for the rest of the shoot the actors had to hold it with their hand strategically placed over the gaffers tape.

    I love gaffers tape!

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    True story: A friend of mine called me up one day and said "Drive over here, I've got a film idea to tell you about." So I did. We got in his old beat up farm truck and started driving through the fields of Missouri until I had no clue where we were, but suddenly there was a pond. So we get out of the truck and we're standing around staring at this pond. My friend says "Here's my idea. Cows come from outer space and their ship crashes in this pond. The farmer sees it and comes to investigate and the cows kill him. Then the cow start plotting the destruction of the earth."

    I said, "That's the single worst idea I've ever heard for a film, there's no way I'm doing tha-" At that moment I turned to head back to the truck to punctuate my sentence with action. However, once I turned around I discovered that we were SURROUNDED by cows. And they were looking at us in a funny "you shouldn't be here" sort of way. I asked my friend, who is a lot more familiar with farming than I am, if that was normal. He said not really. We slowly inched our way back to the old farm truck, started it up, and began to drive back to his house. But the cows didn't move. At all. Even though a big truck was heading towards them. We literally had to idle the truck back, nearly pushing our way through the cows until finally they got the hint and parted and we made our escape ... from the outer space cows who would have killed us. I'm convinced of this.

    I tell that story because for Marching Home we were shooting in fields most of the time. And with about 1/4 of the script left to shoot, the cows showed up. They surrounded us and looked at us funny in that same "you shouldn't be here" sort of way. It made me nervous, but luckily they stayed out of the shot most of the time ... and didn't kill us.
    Chris Johnson

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