I've been experiencing serious dropout issues when capturing with my HV20 for the last few months. For a long time, I assumed it was a problem with my computer, but recently I've tested it on a newer, more stable system. The results are exactly the same.

The symptoms:
1. Pauses and glitches in playback. Sometimes as often as every 2 seconds. This seems to happen regardless of whether the camera is playing by itself or into a computer.
2. Regardless of the number of actual scene breaks on a tape, capturing with Final Cut Pro yields at least 20, but sometimes 90 or more separate files. Lots of footage just before and after these random breaks is lost during capture.

As a test, I recorded an hour of video (in a single take) to a brand new tape. Capturing yielded 25 separate files. I've cleaned the heads 6 times now, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Anyone else having similar issues? Does this thing just need to be replaced?

Jeff Byrd - http://byrdsounds.com