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    24pa FCPX HELP!!!!
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    I recently shot an event and imported into FCPX and the video looks awful!! Im not sure what I am doing wrong. There is a stair step effect on the video in the viewer that I cant get rid of. I checked the Original Media folder files and opened them up in Quicktime and they look great. I made a quick DVD and the image quailty is really bad looks like it is low resolution. Please someone help me out here....

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    Is it possible you inadvertently created "proxy" files on import? You can do this in FCP X easily, and this would explain both the stairstepping and the poor DVD. The fact the Quicktime looks good suggests you have good media somewhere on your drive, but if you're working with Proxy files, it may not be the same as what you're seeing in FCP X.

    Also, check your display, playback and output settings to see that you are at full –– not half or quarter resolution. That would also relate to the viewer and DVD disappointment, yet in Quicktime, your original media would still look good.

    I have noticed that FCP X doesn't make my footage look as good as it does in FCP 7, but I can't say that it looks awful.

    I only import through FCP7, however, using log and capture there, then once imported, bring into FCPX as files with the 24pA pulldown removed already, so that's another thing maybe altogether.

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