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    Lumix 7-14 vs HMC150 on the wide end

    I shoot with the AF101/HMC150 combo and was hoping someone could tell me the equivalent field of view between the HMC150 at the wide end compared to the 7-14,
    if its significantly wider it would help me justify the investment


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    I've tested the 14-42 against the HMC150 on the wide end.

    The 14 was very close to HMC150 on full wide.

    7mm should be quite a bit wider.

    Sorry, should add that that was on the GH2 which has a slightly wider FOV than AF100.

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    The HMC150 widest FOV is roughly equal to the long end of the 7-14mm. The Lumix is massively wider on short end.

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    Yep, in terms of still camera equivalent, the HMC150 is about a 28mm lens, the Lumix 7-14 is about 14mm-28mm equiv. So fully zoomed in the 7-14 will about match an HMC150 fully zoomed out. When the 7-14 is fully zoomed out it will be massively wider than an HMC150 could do.

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    Thanks for the info guys, decided to invest in this lens for our slider/steadicam shots

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