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    DVX100a on the way! Last minute scramble...
    Hey everyone,

    Been wanting to grab a DVX for years but didn't want to fork up the money when the DVX100a and DVX100b came out. I waited a long time and I finally got one for a great price! I've been really excited to learn more and use the 100a. From what I've read everyone loves this camera and learning it.

    As far as the scramble goes, I've been so worked up over finding and getting a good price on the camera that I completely blanked out on what my plan is once my camera arrives. This is pretty much what I asked myself: What tapes will I use? What editing software will I use? Can my old editing software install on my HP Vista Laptop? Does that Laptop even have a firewire port? Will my editing software be sufficient for the DVX100a?

    Basically, through searching and whatnot, I've come to these answers:
    Tapes: Panasonic AY-DVM63PQ
    Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0 (transferred it from my Desktop PC to my HP Laptop running on Vista)
    Transfer: Firewire - 4-Pin to 4-Pin (my laptop does, in fact, have a firewire port)

    I have a Panasonic PV-GS39 that I intend to use as my capture cam (which is why I put 4-pin to 4-pin firewire to laptop). Hopefully this works.

    From what I read on other threads, Adobe Premiere Pro doesn't seem to like DVX's that much. I'm going to continue researching this stuff as time progresses.

    My question for everyone is: Am I on the right track as far as shooting and going into post-production goes? Am I missing anything important?

    Thanks guys! Glad to start learning alongside everyone here! Regards.

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    I haven't used the DVX with Premiere 7.0, but I have no problems using it in CS3-5.5. I normally capture with the Panasonic PV-GS59. What are you using for sound?

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    I'm assuming you're getting this used, so with regards to tapes I would contact the seller and see what has been used in the cam up until now. I think the Panasonic tapes will be great unless the previous owner used Sony tapes. I've remember reading that Sony uses a different kind of lubricant (wet vs dry) than the other brands and you should stick with one kind or another. Not sure how big of a deal it is, but just passing that advice along.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. It is very appreciated!

    Yes, the camera is used (about mid 300's for tape head hours). From what I was told, the owner used Panasonic tapes. But I just got word a day ago that he actually used Fuji tapes for a majority of the time. I found this out after I bought the 63PQ tapes. Hopefully I don't run into issues here. I remember reading about trying to standardize the tapes - which is why I wanted to know what the previous owner used, this way I can keep it the same.

    As far as sound goes, a MC100G was tossed into the package as well. Was kind of hoping for a better mic but I'll see how this does (maybe I'll sell it and use the cash towards a new mic). Any thoughts on using the mic over the 100a stock mic?


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