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    Need Quick & Dirty a) Color Correction Tips b) How to fix: Flickering Credits Roll
    I have been having some not so happy quality outputs in different areas, most likely caused by my incompetent usage. I am just watching the Canopus HQ Fine avi outputs for now, not made and dvd yet.

    2 particular questions I might ask at this stage is:

    1) is there any quick fix ideas for color correction on some scenes where the original source scene is too reddish due to partial artificial lights, or partly daylight

    (PS I wish it was as simple as "auto adjust color" button as I often used in " irfan view" or similar function in photoshop) I must add I hardly know the proper functions in photoshop other than beginner level.

    is there such function in Edius please, if not any quick and dirty tips to fix it?

    Second question : I have tried using titler part of edius to create ending credits
    Result: Text/images/videos scrolling up seem to be flickering somehow.
    I don't know what I did wrong

    so I appreciate very much if anyone give me a quick and dirty tips to fix these issues please

    kind regards

    my project settings at EDIUS 6.07:
    Frame Size : 720 x 576
    Frame Rate : 25.00
    Aspect Ratio : 1.4222
    Field order : Upper Field
    Quantization Bit Rate : 8Bit
    Audio Sampling Rate : 48000Hz
    Quantization Bit Rate : 16 Bit
    Channel : 2
    Setup Render format : Canopus Lossless AVI
    Over Scan Size : 0 %
    Audio Reference Level : -12.0dB

    and output to: Canopus HQ Fine

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    Buy/watch online Edius tutorials or go to GV forum.
    All can be done easily.

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