So this is my first footage shooting a children's play. Spots on the stage were uneven, upper spots were all hot in the center and dark on the edges. Kept the Iris at f4, at times I used auto iris at -2 otherwise f4 manual. Ran a separate Marshall monitor and focus in red and peaking on the monitor. Had a slight issue with my focus control, just jumpy and kept moving only 1 number up and down, but when there was lights off on stage, I moved the dial then back a large amount and the poti cleaned out and it held focus great after that (I was using a remote control). Tried DRS but it looked too light and you lost the setting of the lights so just ran full manual. Shot in 1080 AVC-100 @60i (it seemed better than 30p or 24p to me, but I will experiment more next time) manual white balance at PAP1 never had to bump up the gain. I added allot of color in my settings and I did not have to play at all in post so I am pleased, the colors jump out at you and I am hoping my customers also like the end product.

A side note when I shot the auditions I used DRS and was very impressed and I had to run and gun and the windows were no problem and in the past my shots would have been completely awful.