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    sound editing needed ?
    if anyone needs some extra help in sound editing....Pretend I can control the universe and time.... :-p

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    What equipment would you recommend to pick up sound from the back of a theatre? I have a Panasoinc AC 160 with two XLR inputs. Currently, I just have a Rode mic on the camera.

    I would like to be able from the camera to start/stop the recordiing on the audio recorder and would prefer to use some wireless connection to get the sound the camera as opposed to having to separately record and then try to synch the sound/video.

    Usually, for concerts I don't do any sound editing.

    However, for interviews or documentaries, I presume you could take my .mts, put audio material between specified time codes where the audio is uninteresting and then give me back an .mts so I could do final edits and then generate mp4 files.

    I use Sony Vegas Pro 11

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    Yes and no....

    For the sound editing part what's done is: AFTER the edit is LOCKED, an OMF or AAF is made out from the timeline. To explain an OMF or AAF (it's the same...small differences but to make it's the same), well an OMF is something that I can import in my DAW (soundpost-software) and then I can see the timelines as you see it in Vegas Pro... exactly the same... For the sound tracks, not the video tracks.

    So when you do an OMF export, and a video export I can import those... and do everything I want. If you add 250 frames of handles I also have some space before and after each clip to make smoother crossfades.

    it's explained very fast... But that's how it goes most of the time. Then after I send back the sound and you put it under the image et voila .....

    To make sure everything stays sync... there has to be followed some "rules" like: "everything starts at 01:00:00:00 " for example... or a 2pop

    For the sound in the back of a theatre.... wireless omni mic which you "drop" and then wireless on your cam... then you will have some "background sound"...

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