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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Williams View Post
    Robert, that is really looking sweet. Please give us some feedback once you have some time to use your new system.
    Let me second that. I'd love to know how it turns out for you.

    The only reason I bought a MacPro six years ago was to run Final Cut Pro. What with the ending of life of FCP7, I've switched to Adobe CS6, but I'm running it on my Mac Pro and a MBP 2011, and I'm dismayed by how slow it is, especially when applying effects and color correction (using Magic Bullet Colorista II). Even when using Thunderbolt connected to a Promise RAID. Not to mention the fan loudly going into overdrive on the MBP.

    I assume one of the reasons for this is that I have no CUDA cards. I read on the Adobe forum that upgrading to Lion would help with the speed, even without a CUDA card, I did the upgrade and didn't find much of an improvement, at least not yet.

    I just want to be able to edit, do some color correction and not have to come to a complete stop and/or wait for a render each time I adjust a clip. If the system Robert is putting together can do that, I'd love to know.

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    First off, I would like to thank everyone for their input on my quest for a new computer. I truly appreciate all of the feedback.

    I just returned from the post office where I sent a check to AVA Direct (via overnight delivery) for the build that I listed in my last post. I expect that I will know more in a couple of weeks. Once the computer is built, I will be personally picking it up at AVA Direct.

    I will definitely let everyone know my thoughts once I get my hands on it and get CS6 installed & configured.

    Thank you,
    Robert Pfeifer
    Pifemaster Productions

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregJ View Post
    I assume one of the reasons for this is that I have no CUDA cards.

    I think you are right!

    I have a good desktop which is my main editing computer. A 3 year old i7 920, 27 GB RAM, 2x2TB RAID for scratch & render, 1x2TB for project & media, GTX 460. Runs like a dream!

    I also have a $350 i3 laptop, 8GB of RAM, low end video, 1 500GB 5900 RPM HDD. Runs suprisingly well! I never bought it for CS6, just web and MS Word.

    For some render tasks, any kind of hardware acceleration results in an order of magnitude better processing time. On a test, from 120+ seconds to 17 seconds on render in one suite, with Mecury Hardware Acceleration turned on.

    For CUDA codes, there is a hack to allow almost any NVIDIA card run hardware acceleration. It requires a certain base card, with 1 GB RAM and 96 CUDA cores (although some people say less, like 784 MB, etc)

    You can read though this, although it is mostly for the PC:

    There is a similar hack to allow OpenCL support on any capable card. Some have reported instability after adding Mercury Hardware Acceleration, but it is easy to turn off and on. You will have to do a search on "OpenCL CS6 Hack" or sililar. I can try to find it in 1 hour.

    You can also look at this database to compare the performance of 500+ computers on the same benchmark test under CS5.5. A CS6 version is in the works:

    I would suggest that at least 8GB of RAM is required on the laptop. I don't think CS6 will ever run well with only 4 GB.

    More later.


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    Came across this thread and have a few beginner questions. I have a pretty beefy system of my own with a 128Gb SSD running my operating system and CS5.5 Production Premium. Was looking to get 2 1Tb drives in RAID0 for all of my video, then another 1Tb drive for everything else. It sounds like I might be going about this wrong based on what I've read so far? What would be the suggested location for CS5.5 / video / audio? Appreciate any input!

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    No, that sounds OK.

    The only thing I would do is bump teh drives to 2TB. The 2TB Seagate Barracuda have been selling for $110 to $100 at Amazon, Tiger Direct, etc, lately.

    They score second only to the 10,000 RPM Velociraptors on Tom's Hardware desktop benchmarks. I have seen folks complain of DOA issues on **previous** generations of Seagate drives at Newegg.

    I would do exactly what you said,, use 2x 2TB in RAID 0 for scratch and render, 1x 2TB (or 2 in RAID 10) as the project & media drive.

    I would also bump the RAM on your machine to a minimum of 16GB, possiblly 24, depending on what you have installed.

    What is your CPU? What is your graphics card? GPU is very important, more so for CS6.

    Shouldn't cost too much. Post your details!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Postmaster View Post
    Okay, here is some of my humble input.

    1. Why a SSD as a System disc. No benefit, than a bit faster starting of applications and system (you really just saving a few seconds here and there, opposed to a fast HDD)
    I do agree with this for a machine that will be primarily a CS6 editing machine.

    Everyone likes the SSD's, and I can't really argue. But for CS6 performance, that is the last thing I would do.

    Most people advise against using SSD's as scratch & render drives too, as they have a limited number of read/write cycles. Now that number is pretty high, but I also don't know how many cycles Adobe would run it though, and how long it would last.

    RAID 0 is for anything that is 1) Already carefully backed up, or 2) Transient and not critical that you can recreate.

    A 2 drive RAID 0 has twice the probablility of failure as a single disk drive. As you add drives the risk goes up. There are other RAID structures that can give you both speed and data redundency.

    Whenever I stage a new machine, once I get everything where I want it - Adobe preferences set, grey background on the main screen, all bloatware deleted, etc. - I clone the OS drive to a cold spare, just in case I need to quickly restage the machine. I often leave the clone right in the machine, unplugged, so that if the C: drive should fail I can just plug in the new OS drive and keep going.

    I have a ton of older 160 or 200 GB drives lying around, they work well for this. Along with normal backups to my NAS, etc.

    Good luck Robert! Very envious!

    When you get the machine, you will have too run the CS6 benchmarks from and let us know your numbers, plus register your machine. I think you will be very, very happy!! Have fun.


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    Cpu: i7 3600K
    GPU: nVidia 580GTX

    And you said it's okay to run CS5.5 on the SSD with the OS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iSe7en View Post
    Cpu: i7 3600K
    GPU: nVidia 580GTX

    And you said it's okay to run CS5.5 on the SSD with the OS?
    Wow! You have got it made!!

    That thing should rock with the GPU's enabled. You will be very happy when you get to CS6 (speeds up more effects, etc. using GPU acceleration.)

    As long as you have 12 GB - 16GB to 24 GB of RAM you should cruise. If you need to add any, I would use 8GB chips, so that you don't have to throw away any 4GB chips if you upgrade in 2-3 years. You can get 24GB for $180 or less.. I used the Mushkin Silverline 3x8GB from Newegg.

    Did you do the CUDA core hack to turn on Mercury Hardware acceleration? Or maybe the GTX 580 is certified by Adobe?

    You should have no problem running CS 5.5 from the SSD. No reason not to. Just back it up so you don't have to do a reinstall if you lose the drive (you might clone the SSD to an HDD to have ready.)

    Use the 2 RAID drives for the render frames and for scratch. Use the extra drive for your assets - RAW footage, media files, Exports, etc. You should do great, I doubt that you would need to speed it up more than doing the RAID. Anything else w2ould just be small tweaks.

    You might benchmark the box on CS 5.5 before each improovement - adding the RAID, any more RAM, etc. Let us know, you might report it to the database too. This is a standard benchmark suite:

    You can also look there to compare your performance against other boxes with the same CPU, etc. But your performance should be really good.

    Have fun!


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    Quote Originally Posted by pifemaster View Post
    The problem I see there is that other than the processor, I would still need to upgrade alot - OS, Graphics Card, No SSD, no Storage drives, etc.

    I have tweaked the AVADirect system a little further and I am really starting to like the looks of this system (on paper). Here is what I have now... Attachment 54808

    I switched to the 850 watt power supply (small cost difference - just to be safe)
    I added a second storage drive & Raid 0
    I downsized the OS SSD drive
    I switched the ram to 8gb sticks (they do not have an option to add 4 sticks of that particular memory, so I would call them about adding 2 more sticks)

    I still need to add some type of cpu cooling (No clue what is best)
    I am not sure if the nvidia 580 card I chose is the right/best one.

    Thank you,
    Robert Pfeifer
    Pifemaster Productions
    Dude grab this motherboard instead:

    It has Thunderbolt in case you decide you need the ultra high transfer speed and simplicity in it's single point connection.

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    After hours and hours of researching recommended hard drive setups for adobe CS, this is what I arrived at:

    1x SSD - OS and Apps
    1x SSD - strictly cache
    1x 2TB - project files, exports, and other non-CS data (mp3s, etc)
    2x2TB in Raid0 - raw media and scratch

    You guys seem to be advising differently.. why?

    Also, semi-related question: when you use "import" instead of just playing files directly from Media Browser, what is the difference?
    Film / Photography
    esse quam videri

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