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    So need to raise money... best way? (breast cancer/film)
    Ok so every year my girlfriend and her family walk in the Susan G Komen 3 day event to raise money for breast cancer, as her Aunt recently passed away from it. My mom recently was diagnosed as well (though not breast cancer, pancreas) so I've begun getting involved. And I thought it would be a really cool idea to make a video/documentary about it, including interviews using my gh2, and GoPro footage of the whole actual walk. Now obviously I could simply follow them around for most of this, but to get inside the camp at night where most of the good interviews would take place, you have to be a "walker". The catch isn't that I have to walk 20 miles a day, I don't mind that. The catch is I have to raise $2300 dollars by October to sign up for the walk. Though I do know someone who can match price if its cash at their job, so if everything worked out I would only have to raise around $1200.

    What is the best way to go about this and is it feasible? Would I do a kickstarter campaign or what? What would I include, would it be selfish to include things like a mic for the gh2, or at least a zoom audio recorder, or just still to the basics. Also any ideas about the actual documentary part, I would not mind hearing.

    Would it be better to sign up for the 3-day first, so that there is proof of what the money is going for? Or see if I can raise the amount needed first?

    Also if anyone could tell me how kickstarter works, and the best way to go about it I would love to know.

    Thank's in advance for anyone's input and help.
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    The organisers want a minimum donation of 2.3k? some of this will be for admin food stops or whatever, some should be a donation to the (good works) of the charity

    Phone up the organisers and suggest that your donation is the film - they should drop the fee or most of it

    Buy your own gear seperately


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    Yes, you have to 2300 to take place in the walk, however I did just email them and ask if I would be able to be granted access to the tent location without walking, which would eliminate the need for fund raising. Not that I don't want to raise the money for breast cancer, but if they allow me to film without actually taking place in the actual walk, then that would eliminate that need to sign up. Still interested in ideas in case they say no. BTW I already own most my own equiptment, probably would just buy another mic and be set as I already have lenses, GoPros, GH2, steadycam, tripod, etc..
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    First off, it sounds like you plan to film a documentary while participating. You're already looking at this the wrong way and not necessarily going in the right order. To properly film these interviews and work in the camp you need something much more important - permission from the organization. They have to know exactly what you plan to do and why, and you have to work with them along the way. You're not a participant with a camera, you're a documentary filmmaker at an event. Those are extremely different things.

    As for fundraising for the documentary itself, you can do that through Kickstarter and local supporters or cold calling accredited investors. If you go the second route you'd better have a sales plan. With the first route you need a detailed and accurate budget so you know what to ask for realistically. That budget will include hiring a sound tech, since it sounds lik you don't even own a microphone, and not buying things for yourself. If, on the other hand, you just want to bring a camera and shoot some footage yourself without a crew or more serious equipment you can do that without fundraising. Fundraising in that case wouldn't work out, since your final project would not have much appeal outside of those involved and would have no chance of turning a profit. Depends how you want to approach things.

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    Work from the other end, ie: what do you intend to do with your doco when you've finished it.

    Maybe work on a marketing plan so you can show the organisers a positive take on having good publicity for next years event.
    Can the local TV outlet run it next year?

    And it's a tough call, walking and filming all day and interviewing other walkers at night when they want to rest, and the weather will come into it.
    Imo you need a soundie so will he have to come up with 2300 too?

    I'd treat the walk and the doco as separate projects. Check out 'The Walk' by Emilio Esteves, might be good for some ideas.

    It's a great cause, good luck.

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    Might want to check this out:

    "The 3-DVD Documentary Set "Pink Ribbons: One Small Step" has just been released. Please visit the film's website and click on the *DVD* link when ordering (also available on

    DVD 1 = Documentary about the 3-Day Walk. Everything you need to know about the Komen 3Day... from training, to fundraising, to packing, to tenting and everything that takes place before, during and after the Walk.

    DVD 2 = Interviews (full length) with 8 Breast Cancer Survivors who share with you the breadth of their experience and the details of their own personal battles.

    DVD 3 = Interviews (full length) with 4 Physicians who tell us all (friends and family included) everything we need to know about dealing with this illness.

    100% of net proceeds will benefit cancer charities.

    We're still trying to figure how to get the word out to the general public...
    Oprah's not returning my calls :-)
    Produced & Directed by Franke Niklas Lauria
    June 14th, 2009"

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