Most of my work is corporate/internal so I don't get a chance to show a lot of it. But this is a public piece I can share with you all.

Most of this was shot on two XHA1's, but the first interview was shot on a hacked GH1 with a minolta MD 50mm.
Most of the interviews were recorded using a Sennheiser G3 wireless system straight to the A1 XLR jacks. But the GH1 interview was recorded to an H4N using a AT835 short shotgun mic.

With the exception of the first interview where I had a little more time for setup of lights, we didn't have a ton of time to shoot this video or the interviews. even less time to pick spots for our interviews. So the rest are all done with available light. As a result I cringe when I watch a couple of them. But overall the client was happy and this aired during intermission of their live broadcast a couple weeks ago.

What they're doing at the DSO with their live broadcasts is absolutely wonderful. Last I heard they were top in the nation and perhaps the world. On the cutting edge with thousands of people tuning in to watch each show. So aside from being a fun project to shoot, it really proves to me that there is a market for internet distributed video content in a whole range of ways/subjects.