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    Best Projector for Reception Halls
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    Hey Guys!

    Wedding season is ramping up and we need a good new projector to display our Same Day Edits and photo slideshows (shudder). I've looked around for decent lightweight projectors at 2700-3000 lumens and ideally 1080 projection. There are so many choices out there that it's hard to decide.

    Who here has any thoughts of which brands/models to look at? Thanks a bunch!
    Michael Shu
    The Onyx Cinema Team
    Alumiq Wedding Cinema

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    Mitsubishi FD630U. While brighter than you're talking about at 4000 lumens, and no doubt more expensive than a lot of the glorified home theater projectors you might find out there, I find the image to be outstanding.
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    There are many choices indeed, and I use a different one every couple of weeks give or take. It's one of my gigs to author and run presentations for clients. Sometimes that involves actual video content, but mostly its Keynote running AE motion graphics and animation.

    I really like the colour predictability of InFocus. I notice that most higher-end boardrooms and meeting halls seem to use them. NEC is the next most common. I'd ditch the lightweight and 1080p requirements, though. Just go for something with a high contrast ratio and a decent zoom ratio (more setup options). These are what I feel to be the most important attributes. Few people will notice the difference between 720 and 1080, and truthfully they both look pixelated within 4 feet. But I do get that 1080 looks hot 8 feet wide. I notice. Nobody will notice that you sacrificed some other attributes to get a lighter unit. And try before you buy. Some projectors mangle colour bars like cold butter rips toast.

    Hope this helps,
    Craig Pickthorne
    Toronto, Canada

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