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    PPro CS6, multi-camera edit docs?
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    Looking for this page: es.html

    But for CS6, not CS5.5 and earlier. This stuff has changed for CS6, but I can't seem to find the help documents that talk about it, and we don't yet have the PDFs to look stuff up in. Anyone show me where to find it?

    We used to be able to sync camera feeds on the time line with clip markers. But clip markers don't seem to exist in CS6 land. So I'm wanting to read the docs to see how Adobe wants us to sync camera feeds now.

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    Here is a 10 minute video "lesson" that walks through multi-camera editing in CS6:

    It looks like the bike racing files are from the Adobe CS5.5 Premier Pro Classroom in a Book. The CS6 version isn't out yet - it is still "Rough cut."

    It is pretty straightforward. Just set the "In" point on each clip. Cntrl-Select each click, then right click, and creat "Multi Camera Input." Select the "Sync by In" option.

    Create a Sequence from ther Multi Cam Input on the timeline. Then as you are playing the Multi Camera Input in the Source monitor, select the camera that you want to use. Either by clicking (maybe CTRL-Click?), or by the camera number - 1, 2, 3, 4.

    I was doing multi-camera yesterday and had to go find the clip, which I had seen prior to the CS6 release. I also remember reading somewhere about the camera numbering - I will have to see if I can figure out where.

    I hope that helps!

    FWIW: CS6 PDF Help files are supposed to be released in June. For now I have downloaded all of the 5.5 files for local help.


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    You can create markers in the Source panel that you can sync on.

    I just looked at the options. You can sync on In, Out, or Markers. If you chose Markers, it will ask you for a name. If there is only 1 marker for each clip, no name is necessary.

    I just went in and cleared In and Out - so no markers at all. I created a Marker (right click, Add Marker) while playing the clip in Source. Added a marker at the start of the same word in each clip. Created a Multi Cam clip, synced with no problem.

    Also, forgot to mention in the last post. Once you create the Sequence from the Multi Cam, then go up to the menu and choose Window->Multi Cam Monitor.

    Hit "Record" on the Multi Cam Monitor, than just select the clip you want to cut to in the timeline. No "Ctrl", that was an incorrect discussion on another board.

    Hope that helps? Pretty easy.


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