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    Motorhome away from home?
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    I'm considering getting a used RV. Something in the Class C, 22-28' range.

    While my wife and I originally floated the idea to start taking more family vacations, visit distant family without spare bedrooms or hotels, bug out for the mountains when western civilization collapses, and other such niceties, I also considered how the RV could help pay for itself.

    Who here uses an RV as a business vehicle?

    I'm thinking,
    - working w/ another, on location race event w/ onsite edit or SDE
    - work as a local in cities too far for a single day drive, for jobs too uneconomical for a flight and/or hotel
    - just travel around to great locations for B-Roll
    - homeschool the kids, sell the house, go full-on videogypsy (ok, not seriously considering that. Yet.)

    What are some other thoughts and considerations I need to... well... consider?

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    An RV can't make it easily through all types of terrain and isn't usually great for fuel efficiency. Most importantly setting up an editing system and storage units for work will diminish the unit's effectiveness for vacations. Switching it out would be a pain, so you wouldn't want to do it too often. You could use it the same way most people use vans, certainly, but it would primarily be a vacation purchase. I can also say as someone who has PA'd on a number of large projects that finding parking spaces for all the vans is usually enough of a hassle.

    But if you don't want a van, sure. Use an RV. Whatever works. Just don't expect it to pay for itself - I doubt anyone would hire you for having it. You may be able to create a marketable same day edit specialty, but that depends on a lot more than a vehicle.

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