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    Best way to shoot in order to quickly post to Facebook and Youtube
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    I have been asked by an organization to shoot video of an event and to post it to their FaceBook site AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I will be shooting in HD with a Panasonic consumer camera, the TM900. The camera records HD in AVCHD

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. The camera can record in the following modes: 1080/60p, HA, HG, HX, HE, iFrame.
    Is it worth shooting in 1920 x 1080/60p or is a lower resolution suitable for very good quality video on FaceBook

    2. I currently use Sony's Vega Pro. Can you recommend a workflow that would give me the shortest turn around time?

    3. I MAY also be purchasing Adobe's Premiere. Would this be a better option for a quick turn around?

    4. What is the longest length video that is reasonable to post on Facebook?

    5. Anything else of which I should be aware?



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    If specs allow I would shoot 1280x720 and if you do not have a lot of editing you can pick up an Elgato Turbo h.264 HD This will take your final output movie, convert and upload to your youtube channel. I use it for quick turn around work all the time.

    The other stuff is up to you really.
    Jason Kubicki
    The Signal Co

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