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    D90 & Manual Aperture Lenses
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    I'm sure that this will not be the first time this question has been asked here, but I'm going to ask anyway.

    Why can I not select an F-stop on my manual aperture lens on my D90 in D-movie mode.

    All I get is a "FEE" code on my info screen.

    Is there someway to circumnavigate this is issue?

    Lens is 85mm Rokinon 1.4 MF

    Thank You..

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    there is allot of information on how to use d90 in video mode , you can look it up

    in regard to your question
    in D90 (which doesnt have full manual controls in movie mode) , when your using a manual lens , you do not have in camera control over the f-stop it will allways say F-- because it cant recognize non-CPU (non AF), Third party lenses , or even AI and Pre AI nikkor lenses

    so what you need to do is to make sure you in M mode in the dial ( no , P,SA wont work either )
    and make sure that your also in M in the M/AF switch near the lens
    only than you turn the aperture ring and than you can control your aperture manually , when recording or in live view

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