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    What setting for dance event
    I'm going to have 2nd cameraman with an HPX170 at a dance event with lots of movement, stage lighting for the instructors and possible low light situations for the main floor where people will be dancing also. What would be the recommended setting for this type of event? 1080 24p or 720 60p or something else? I'll be using a hacked GH2 and still debating whether to shoot 1080 24p or 720 60p also.

    The video will be edited into a variety of short promos to be put on the internet.

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    Keep it simple. 720 60p. Never mix frame rates.

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    Ended up using 720 24p on the HPX170 and 1080 24p on the GH2. The guy with the HPX170 was pretty surprised at the image quality/resolution I was getting out of the GH2 which was hacked at a mild 44Mbit.


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