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    Interesting situation with HMC 150 footage imported through Final Cut Pro
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    Okay - so I ran into something I've never seen before.
    I have the HMC 150 and use FCP 7 - so to import my clips I use the "log and transfer" function.
    I shot on 3 different SDHC cards. When I imported the footage - I set my scratch disk to the same folder for all three cards - thinking "we'll
    see what happens with this" - I was thinking that FCP would just create an additional "capture scratch" folder for each import/card.
    While it was importing I noticed that it was re-labeling my clips so that there were no duplicate numbers - so, for instance - while importing the second card worth of clips - it changed clip 1 to 193 (because there were already clips 1-192 in the capture scratch folder from the previous card's import) - I thought "well, that's nice" - kind of handy.

    Then I just realized that I've got some duplicate clips.

    For example my clip #93 and # 204 are the identical clips...same exact clip...BUT they don't weight the same...I looked at their "file info" and it's the same, I think...but one weighs 485 megs...the other 191 megs.....

    Anyone run into this - and have any thoughts or insights about it?

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    Accepted algorithm, notice that clips you see in your card are not the same clips you get out of log and transfer. 5 clips in-data card can be 3 clips out-data, log and transfer clips and joins the clips using its own algorithm. You'will have to watch your clips all the way from the beginning to end to accertain that they are same clips. The good news is that you still have all your footage, there are some programs like the one i'm using now "" which if you make the mistake of trying to transfer clips with same number, it will just clear the old clip and replace it with the new one you are trying to capture, poor programming.

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