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    Without conflict there is no story, only a series of events which the audience has no reason to continue watching.

    This is The Lucky One. A series of events the audience has no reason to continue watching.

    There is no conflict, no real story of any kind.

    There is a LOT of golden hour shots, maybe 75% of the movie. It was either golden hour, or night time. I really liked the cinematography and thought the DP and post production team did a fantastic job of creating a beautiful look to the film.

    I cannot remember watching a movie that was not in the experimental category with so many shots that did not move the story along, and had absolutely no motivation for being in the film. Let's watch some one sweep a floor, or wash a dish, or walk a dog, or look at the water, or wash a dog, or walk from here to there, or there to here, for absolutely no reason what so ever. But make it look really pretty! It was amazing that the director could think of this many mundane shots that had absolutely nothing to do with the story (what little there was of a story, if there was one at all).

    This movie is so bad that I actually recommend you go see it. It's not bad like John Carter was bad, just a poorly told story. It's a whole new category of bad that deserves some study. If I said, go make a movie as boring as The Lucky One, I'm not sure you could do it.

    Oh, I forgot to mention the acting of Zac Efron. You could have gotten more emotion from a card board cut out of Zac Efron. The dogs upstaged him in every scene because their acting was more engaging. They made you believe that they believed they were dogs.

    As one of my friends remarked, Zacs performance was not as good as anything from Keanu Reeves. Keanu is able to portray an absolutely blank emotionless slate. Behind the blank eyes, is more impenetrable emptyness. But Zacs blank eyes seemed to say, am I really portraying absolute emptyness, or do I just think I am? Maybe I am just hungry, or perhaps I have gas.
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