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    NEX5N LA_EA2 Help!
    I'm using my nex5n with the LA-EA2. I love the combo. However as a video shooter, I am concerned with the shutter speed jumping around when the LA-EA2 is connected. Hopefully I am missing something. Is there any way to set the shutter speed to a constant setting?


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    Well; for the La-EA2 use the AF continuous must be in P (program) mode, that limit the aperture max at f3.5, but is you don´t need AF continuous the best mode you can use, is you´re serious at recording is in M (Manual) mode, here you set your aperture and shutter speed at a fixed value, shutter speed must be in 50 for Pal countries and at 60 for NTSC.

    Also you can use S (Shutter) mode to set a constant speed and leave the exposure control to the camera trough aperture changes.
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    Those tips helped! Thank you. My last issue is when I shoot video with the LA-EA2 adapter on, it sets my aperture at 3.5 which is fine. I am just lost as to why is sets my shutter speed at 1/60th and I am not able to change it at all and or set it at the speed I want.

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