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    wow F3 clearly wins in all. This is why I hate RED fanboys and producers who insist on shooting with RED without any knowledge of how a camera works internally. 4K means nothing without good image.

    Although I do wish soon the F3 would become an F4 with 4K sensor, I do hope they don't sacrifice the AMAZING Dynamic range just to get that 4K. I will always chose dynamic range and image quality over resolution. I've picked the F3 or PL9000 over RED every time, and always been much happier with the image. I hope this test gets shown to more people to really show that the resolution war is pointless and image QUALITY is what is important, and should be held first.
    While I think the F3 delivers a wonderful image, it is dangerous to make such statements without knowing the post workflow, and how RED was incorporated with such. There is a lot of FUD on both sides, and for each test that reveals one that "clearly wins all" there are others that can show the opposite. As always, the best thing you can do is rent both and test them per your projects specifications and needs and your personal mojo with each camera.


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    Also to be fair pls do remember that the OP stated the Epic didn't have the same firmware it does now (in the test I linked to).

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