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    Connecting Audio tecnicaatr65550 shotgun mic to dvx100a
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    My dvx has two xlr inputs for lavilier mics i just bought a shotgun mic but it only came with the standard output and adapter plug what kind of an xlr cable do i need to connect to my inputs?

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    There's no "standard" output with mics like this. The professional standard is XLR. What you bought was a very cheap shotgun that's barely even a shotgun. Not trying to be harsh here, just honest. I'd get a refund on the mic and invest that money (plus a little more) into something worthwhile. RØDE NTG-1 or NTG-2, Audio Tecnica AT-875.

    The reality of the ATR6550 is that it is designed for the on-the-go soccer mom who wants something marginally better than the camera's internal mic. It's made to work with low-cost hand-held cameras with 1/8" input.

    The other reality is that placing the mic on the camera is the last and worst thing to do if you want decent audio. What's your target with this? Are you expecting to record dialog? Do you have plans to have the mic on a fish pole (aka "boom")?

    You might want to head over to the Audio forum here, where you'll find tons of useful information in the stickies about selection and use of different mics and sound gear.
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