I think WarFest is going to be awesome and I'm sure there are some talented filmmakers looking for a good story to tell.

For those who don't know, MoviePoet.com is a free screenwriting site with over 2,500 five page scripts in our database.

In the past, dozens of DVXuser films have been created from MoviePoet scripts including winners like "The Small Multiple", "Teacher's Pet", and "Placebo". Many of our most talented writers are already DVXuser members.

I realize 2,500+ scripts can be a little overwhelming to read through, but we have an easy to use search page here: http://www.moviepoet.com/search.aspx

You can find scripts by genre, cast size, keyword, etc.

Here are three great stories to check out and get you started (we have many more):

"Field Day" by Travis DeStein
Just another day on a battlefield.

"High Water Mark" by Charlie Hebert
War is hell. Survival is paramount, even if it's not your own.

"Path to Peace" by Brian Howell
During the last moments of a man's life, regrets occupy his mind.

You will need to register (it's quick, easy, and free) to read the scripts. If you find one you like, please contact the author directly to arrange for the rights.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.