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    New to lens supports....
    I am looking into purchasing the LA-ea2 and 70-200mm for my sony fs100. With that being said, I know I will need a lens support/rod system. Unless I may be able to use the lens collar however I would imagine that the adapter can't hold the weight of the fs100 and I don't want to try. Does any one have any suggestions? I will be using the setup for primarily tripod use.

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    when i looked into this i found two possible solutions. One was a zacuto support which looked really nice but was really expensive (in the UK). The other was one from MTF in the UK which was a bit more reasonable. I'm using it with the LA-EA2 now. I had to saw the end of the support screw down a bit because it was a little too long (for my configuration) but it seems to work no problem. You twist the screw out from underneath and you slide the assembly along then you can take the adapter off.

    Now whether this is really, really supporting everything properly is a bit in the air. Obviously it will stop twisting motions but you have to be pretty careful when screwing the support in from the bottom because if you tighten too much you're pulling the assembly down. There are some spacers and one seems to fit just right but with all the tolerances involved i do wonder whether even the slightest inaccuracy with the tension would actually make things worse. There is flex with the whole FS100 lens mount and part of me wonders whether actually it's better to not have anything (although you mention the 70-200 which i assume *needs* support, the two lenses i use most are about 1kg each).

    This is perhaps true of all the supports out there.

    I saw some designs for a PL mount (I think from Carlos here in fact), where the mount is part of the base plate - now *that* looks like the right solution.

    But for the LA-EA2 i have no idea what the correct distances would be between my rods and the base. No way of knowing.

    How are others finding this?


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    Prophetmatt sent me this message and I wanted to share my reply in this thread:
    [QUOTE=Prophetmatt]Hi Eric,

    You may be able to help me out! I am looking to move towards the sony 70-200mm, la-ae2 and sony fs100 at some point in the future (within the year). I am looking for a lens support/rail system. Do you have any recommendations for the set up?


    Hi Matt,
    I'd gladly share with you my set up. Just a background, I don't shoot professionally anymore, so I started my FS100 route on the cheap. I bought a Fader ND, RJ Follow Focus, Cowboy Studio shoulder mount and a Fotga 500 DSLR Support Mount. Some worked, others didn't. I sold my Fader ND (not worth it) and RJ Follow Focus (poor quality) Bought directly from Heliopan ($270 for 72mm vari ND) Bought a Gini Rig with follow focus
    Awesome built but heavy. The follow focus is very accurate, 0 play and heavy duty. It can make sticky focus rings feel smooth. I combined the Gini and Fotga support system and ended up with a really nice sturdy set up. The camera and the heavy lens is screwed down and secured on the support system. There is no stress on the FS100.
    What was ironic was that the cheap $24 Cowboy shoulder mount was the most helpful addition to my FS100 set up. It allowed me to shoot hand held for long periods. It also gave me the best control of the camera even when I had the Minolta G 80-200 TANK lens mounted on the FS100. I like shooting run and gun style now because I bring the FS100 anywhere I go.

    As for lenses, I still have the Sony 18-200 Emount (hardly used but a good back up all around lens, I don't like the bokeh and variable aperture) I like my 16mm Emount pancake lens. My favorites are the Minolta Beercan Lens 70-210 f4.0 for anywhere I go/outdoors and the Minolta G Lens 80-200 f2.8 for more serious shoots. I am looking at the Sal 1655 as a future buy.
    The Sony 70-200mm you are planning to get is an excellent lens. My Minolta 80-200 is it's predecessor. At telephoto, it's wise to have IS. Mine doesn't. The LA-EA2 is a good adapter but can use another upgrade to give us spot focusing on Auto mode.
    Just a note: I shortened my eyepiece
    Also, be careful with the original top handle, mine cracked. It's best to have the handle connected on the support rig because all our accessories can get quite heavy. I also ordered a cheese plate here:
    I'm planning to make a Berkey style DIY Top handle using this cheese plate as base. I'll post it if it works.
    For $24 cheap, try the Cowboy shoulder mount but throw away all the other accessories/parts it comes with. They're accident prone. Use only the main shoulder mount.
    I can't find my still camera so I'm unable to post photos right now. I'll try to do it tom. It's hard to imagine the set up without a photo.

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    Thanks everyone!! Great leads!

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    I also have the Fotga DSLR rail system. Haven't had a chance to use it much, but for those on a budget, it is a solid build.

    I will also post some pictures if I get a chance.

    EDIT: yowza, yowza, they jacked up the price to $117.00. I paid $85 with shipping. I'm sure there are cheaper deals on eBay.
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    Sony FS700
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    i use Lanparte lens support with shoot35 base plate & rails - all very high quality at a decent price

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