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    5D Mark III Picture Style Sample Footage?
    I received my 5D MKIII the other day and I have read up quite a bit on the various settings and features. I am at heart a DIY kind of guy and as much as I like seeing other peoples reports about how the camera works, I like testing some of these things out on my own as well.

    One of the things that I'm interested in testing out is how the various Picture Style settings effect the video image. I would like to set up a very simple shot that can easily show the differences between each of the Picture Style settings. Unfortunately I'm not very experienced as a photographer. What should I consider when setting up my test shot?

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    I think just one shot won't do - I'd go for at least two: one to see how skin tones look (probably indoors, with controled lighting), and one for DR and color accuracy (a landscape with some bright colors and some very dark shadows) - and please consider including Flaat in the test

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    Fantastic article. Thanks for the link.

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