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    Boooo! Hisss!

    Real men edit their films in a hex editor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Postmaster View Post
    Im not negative, just disappointed.
    This is something I hated about RED, and now a lot of companies play that game.

    I think I just need to ignore all announcements of every company and get exited only, if the gear actually hits the shelfs.
    This is why publicly traded companies cannot give out information beyond the current quarter boundary or they are subject to revenue recognition and other issues. Privately held companies are not subject to the Sarsbanes-Oxley Act ( But does it make difficult to plan by. Apple, as a public company takes it to the extreme. Nothing is announced until it is available which makes it difficult for enterprise type companies to plan their budget spending ahead of time (and individual users as well), but it seems to work quite well for them.


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