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    24P reg DVX not always recording 3:2 cadence, messed up 25% of time, like 1:8 cadence
    24P regular gone wrong-
    So let me explain this here (I have other posts in DVX regular forum under my username you can search for, 1 with 1300 views and no answers or suggestions). Trying new post here in sub directory.
    Nearly new DVX100 camera.*Shot 24P regular (not 24PA) with normal 3:2 cadence. Normally footage appears 3 clean frames and 2 interlaced jaggied frames in that pattern 3:2:3:2 and so on.
    But for 25% of 16 hours of tape shot, the 2 portion of jaggied / interlaced looking frames occur for every frame, or 8 -12 and 1 clean frame.
    CineTools cannot process it correctly on auto, or manually using any preset. These clips look very bad no matter what i do, and are not standard results, whereas the other clips are all behaving normally as intended and the pulldown is easily removed with 24P frame rate restored.

    I have samples posted here of the problem. In the 'bad' one, notice the sawtoothing / jaggies all over the interviewee's teeth. It's not supposed to be either recorded like this or digitized this way. ANYONE ever seen this before or have any idea how this can happen or how to fix it??
    They are all very short small clips but you can see one clip working fine and one not:

    Thanks for reading and checking out the footage problem.
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    How did you capture the footage?


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    I used a Sony DSR11 dvcam deck. Firewire connector. Since it's 24P regular, captured in Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 using DV/NTSC standard preset (29.97).
    And later I was able to successfully remove the pulldown and restore 24P frame to about 75% of the footage. The other footage is a junky mess.
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    This problem looks to be theoretically 'operator error'. Not sure, i can't remember 6 years back on a 10 day shoot with about 10 hours of sleep total. It was sleep hell. Anyway, I know using that camera I had sometimes switched to scene file #2 on the back dial. I think now that that might have forced camera out of 24P mode and into 60i (?) Is that what happens?!? It was a friend's camera I rented and he's not that experienced of a shooter and I did not want to save and override his stock camera settings unless I absolutely had to. I don't know if I ever did switch to #2 for fluorescent nighttime lighting, but it was possible I did which would explain the problem only started during night scenes, and sometimes dragged into early daytime scenes before 'I switched it back to #5 scene file". That's my new theory of what might have happened. If that's truly what happened, then I have to say, on flat screen tv / monitors / HD projectors, boy does the 60i footage look like @ss. It's pretty sad how crappy the interlace looks.
    Anyone want to chime in here and let me know if a stock DVX100b camera scene #2 dial setting on the rear ALWAYS pulls a camera out of 24P and into 60i mode? thanks.
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