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    Ooh I love this, unsurprisingly. I'm such a fan of your writing Rustom. You are reliably excellent - such a light touch. I think the highest compliment anyone can give a script is that they haven't noticed they were reading one - and that is true of this. I love the mood of it - it feels quite classy. The pace and character reminds me of Wall-E in a way. It's a kid's film without being dumbed down or mushy. Without saying very much at all, Sproink has great pathos. There's just something about a clockwork person that's inherently emotive and tragic. Maybe we all think of the poor old tin man. Whatever it is, it works.

    I love the western/sci-fi mix too. A very original combination of the two.

    You say it was written at the last minute - well haste works for you

    A pleasure, as always!

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    Wall-E, Edward Scissorhands, the Tin man...Sproink has some DNA from them all.

    Glad you loved it, Sarah!

    This was a challenge to curb most dark tendencies and retain the simplest theme of "never say die", repeated throughout the short.

    Haste works, yes. But I end up a nervous wreck hours before the deadline.

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