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    Dear Forum Users,

    What would you say you need to do to become a very good graphic artist. Well at least these are some of the things that I want to know.

    Some of the things that I have in mind are

    1. Learn how to use and master the tools of Photoshop.

    2. Buy books and tutorials that teaches you the art of blending, mixing, & matching colors, using fonts & images in their correct context, books in general to get your mind thinking creatively.

    Am open to any other suggestions from you guys of things that I need to do to become a very good and professional graphic artist in Photoshop and in general.



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    It really takes years and years to be a Photoshop master. But for the rest of us it comes down to three things:

    1. Program skills - Knowing what all the functions are and the fastest way to use them.

    2. Design Skills - Knowing what type, color, etc looks best.

    3. Implementation/Ingenuity - Knowing how to use design and program skills to make what you want. Making something unique instead of just switching around what you saw in tutorials.

    Bottom line is... watch a lot of tutorials and work with Photoshop as much as you can!

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    Make it matter, make it human, give it heart. Outside of that, consume yourself with the best design out there... maybe check out a site like and keep an eye on up and coming designers. It sounds weird, but mimic the designers you love and learn to improve upon them. There are 10 billion paths to becoming a wonderful artist, but without vision you'll go nowhere. My two cents! Keep at it.
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