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    Any HS Program Using Vegas
    Hey all,
    I am in the process of building a HS production class. The powers that be want me to purchase Apple and FCPX. I would be okay if it were FCP7, but I just do not like the new final cut. I have used all the main NLEs but my favorite is Vegas. Does anyone know of a HS program that uses Vegas?

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    Vegas is my preferred NLE as well, but the problem with using it in an educational environment is that it does not conform to industry-standard workflows. Though it's particular workflow may be faster and more efficient than the "industry-standard", Vegas won't help HS students prepare for future jobs, etc. in the industry. My goal for a video production course (especially at the HS or university level) would be to teach skills that can be applied to a broad range of tools as opposed to teaching students how to use a single tool.

    The truth is that FCPX also doesn't teach industry standard workflows, so I would recommend something like Adobe Premiere, which many FCP 7 users are migrating to.

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    And that's the question . . . are you teaching the skills of editing, or are you teaching a specific tool? You can use Vegas and teach editing in such a way that the principles apply to any NLE. You don't, though, be teaching the physical workflow.

    Like Jive, I think learning editing is more important than learning the specific tool, but that might not be what the course is actually geared for. But maybe at the HS level, it should be.


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    I know of one high school in my city that uses Vegas.
    I teach it at the college I work for as well as use it daily.
    I love it because I can get someone who's never touched an NLE in their life doing basic editing within two hours.
    Tell the "powers that be" that you'll save them money (they love hearing that!!) by using Vegas as you can use a basic PC and Movie Studio (no need for Vegas Pro) is well under $100.


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