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    Demand for MKIII codec firmware update
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    Those of us that know a bit about codecs are calling for Canon to change the ALL-I codec to CBR (constant bit-rate) from VBR (variable bit-rate). Canons published specs on the MKII state that ALL-I encodes at 235MB/min (91Mbit/s). Legally speaking it could be argued that this is a misrepresentation because in real world tests done by users on this forum and cinema5D the VBR ALL-I codec is averaging around 35Mbit/s. A CBR firmware update would keep the bit-rate very close to an average 90Mbit/s and should address the macroblocking/noise issues users are experiencing. A menu option for higher ALL-I and IPB bit-rates would also be a much welcomed update to the firmware.

    We petitioned for 24p and manual controls and Canon listened and made a tonne of money so I urge everyone to contact Canon by phone, email, bullhorn, sit ins, flash mobs, picket lines, or any other non-violent tactic to get the most out of this camera. Vive la revolution!

    Pablov @ cinema5D wrote-

    CANON 5D Mark 3 Next Firmware Update:

    - I'm concerned about this:

    Canon HAS OFFICIALLY admitted (via e-mail) that there is an issue in current 5D3 firmware with two lenses (IS not working properly), and they are working to fix it.

    Now, if we don't send our requests to Canon about All-I and in-camera Sharpness bad implementation / poor performance, I'm not sure if they will fix it soon.

    So I encourage everyone interested to contact Canon and send them an email. Many of us already did it. But we need to "push" a bit for a fix, otherwise it may be skipped.

    - CONTACT INFORMATION (e-mail & phone) is here: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=39967&p=227101#p227101
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    Good call!

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