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    How do you get the Washed Out Milky look
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    I'm seeing so many videos that have that soft washed out milky look and I'm falling in love with it.
    I already searched "milky/washed look" and nothing is coming up so I need some help.
    How do people get this kind of look?
    example ->

    what do you call that look?
    when I color correct the footage how is it done?

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    I think of that look as the "low contrast, desaturated look". .

    If you like that look then you might love "lens whacking":

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    Some folks may not be old enough to remember this look. I do, my first few films were naturally like this. It's old 8mm consumer film. Yes, actual film. I had a Brownie wind up (yes, I said wind up) movie camera that I started with back in the very early 70's. So look for 8mm film look.

    Low contrast, yellowish washes, saturation is tricky with it. Should be a few places that have plugins that will do this. has a thread full of free FCP X effects folks are making in Motion, which are great quality, and I think one of them there does this.

    Ah, those were the days, 8mm film, I'm so glad I don't work with "film" any more...

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