Here's something I hadn't read about, but something that may become a problem for me soon...

I switch lenses frequently. There are no problems on my GH2.

My AF100, however, is starting to complain with slight resistance and clacking as the sprung contact points each go over that first lens electrical contact... looking closely, I notice that the "ramps" leading to this first electrical contact point on my 14-140 and 7-14 (two most frequently used lenses) is slowly but surely wearing down, creating a "step" as it reaches the first copper contact. Inside, a deep and sickening fear grows of that day that I'll switch lenses and feel the unmistakable crunch and bend of that first sprung contact failing to make it over this step.

I'm wondering, since I have no such troubles with the GH, is this a problem with the AF100 (spring contacts too stiff?), or a problem of the basic Lumix lens design (fragile plastic/composite ramp leading to contact points)?