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    Does anyone else own a Tascam dr100mkII I have some questions
    So I've been recording audio for a good two and a half years at uni. Equipment I have used is Marantz PMD 660's 661 SD MixPre and NTG3s and ive also used the zoom H4N on non student shoots.

    I have slowly been buying my own equipment over the last two years and bought a Sound Devices 302 field mixer an NTG3 and recently a Tascam Dr100mkII.

    Today I was setting up my gear to test out the Tascam DR100MkII and found a few problems with it and was wondering if anyone else on the forums who has bought one has had these issues.

    It records fine but i found that I cant make it record above -11db.
    For example : on my SD 302 I always use the tone oscillator to set up like the level im recording at on the recorder e.g. -20 or -10. But when i do this on the Tascam DR100mkII it only goes to -11db and feels really low even at the highest settings on the input nobs on the side. I have played level control setting but according to the manual it says that if the input is line 1/2 it regardless of the control setting it will always function as limiter. I would like to at least set the recorder at -10db with the tone oscillator on my SD 302.

    I also did some recording and when trying to monitor it through the headphones jack I can barely hear anything and its only available through the line out jack. Even on playback on a recorded file I still have to listen through the Lineout jack its really weird.

    I have the files through quicktime player on my mac and they sound fine but yeah on the tascam during playback and during monitoring it doesnt sound the same which worries me as I would like to hear exactly the quality of what im recording.

    Does anyone have a clue on this ? Or any advice?

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    Your analog mixer's reference point is 0dB, not -20dB or -10dB.

    0dB on your mixer should be set to match -20dB on your recorder (or -18dB for UK standard, if that's what you're using).
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    I don't own the dr100mkII, so not the advice you're looking for, but, have you adjusted the level of the XLR outputs of your 302?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Mallery View Post
    I don't own the dr100mkII, so not the advice you're looking for, but, have you adjusted the level of the XLR outputs of your 302?
    That would be my first question as well.
    If you have inadvertently adj. the output level, an orange LED next to the XLRs would be illuminated. Can we assume you are using XLR-to-XLR or XLR-to-1/4" TRS cables? Are the cables wired properly? If your are using the Tape out, (TA-3 connector) that (-15dB) will not to drive a +4dB line input to an adequate level. Does the 302 drive other line level devices OK?

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