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    HMC150 Live feed - need advice

    had request at short notice to provide live feed from the cam at an event,
    we need to provide AV guys with a VGA and audio mini jack out from the cam,
    can anyone take me through set up and cables needed to achieve this?


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    Disclaimer: I am only very generally familiar with the HMC150, and without knowing the specifics of the A/V guys' gear I can only speak in generalities, but here's what I think.

    First off, you'll need to know what exactly they mean by "VGA." If they need an actual computer RGB signal, then that's going to be tough, because there will be some active conversion needed to get either HDMI or component out of the HMC into an RGB format.

    On the other hand, some A/V gear uses the HD15 connector (which a lot of people, myself included , get lazy and call a "VGA connector") as a multiformat input connector, so if their gear accepts component through an HD15, you just need a breakout cable. Different gear may be wired differently, but typically you find the breakout cables with 5 BNC connectors (Red, Green, Blue, horizontal sync, and vertical sync), and usually you match the Red-Green-Blue to the same colors on your component outputs. If the A/V guys' gear is set up to take component over an HD15, I would hope they have a suitable breakout.

    The audio should be easier, just a stereo RCA to stereo 3.5mm cable.
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    Thanks Captain Pierce,

    Passed your VGA query on so we can clarify with AV guys

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