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    Older Mixer sansui mx12
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    Does anyone have any info on the sansui mx12 My aunt got one in one of those storage units... wondering if its usable for anything or not... it came with a tape deck/recorder also..

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    I seem to recall this was a 12 channel mixer with a six track cassette based recorder. They also did the WSX1 which was a similar unit but more self contained:

    The desk may be useable as a straight analogue mixer if it has inputs and outputs available but the recorder is well past it's sell by date.

    Most of the cassette based recorders had four track capability and even with dolby noise reduction it pushed the track width to the limit, a lot of them also ran at double speed to get more signal to the tape but they were the first affordable multi tracks for home use. This sansui like some others pushed the track count further but then reel to reel made it better quality and the cassette format declined for recorders other than for portastudio use.

    The desk looks like a 12 into 6 bus mixer with a stereo output too and it may be that it is a four channel recorder with that ability to do two track as well for mastering, there will also be some tape returns for monitoring and some aux sends for feeding effect units for mixdown and returns for recording to tape etc. It looks like there are three buttons above the pan pots and no doubt they will be to select which track from each channel is sent to the group that then feeds the recorder.

    It's a fun bit of history and as said the mixer may be useable but there are far better products available now, I have a fostex DMT8 which was the first digital 8-track recorder with analogue mixer 15 years ago but it is not really relevant to things these days and would only get around $75 on e-bay. I still keep it as it is nostalgic and cool to have as it cost £1500 when new and still sounds great, the analogue mixer is also good for training people about buses etc but with digital recording being more common these days people are more used to different ways of working.

    Cool piece of history and it will be of interest to a collector or geek who is into recording in analogue.
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    I still have a Tascam 8 track cassette. These were pretty decent sounding. They are not close to the low noise digital recording we are now used to but they are on a par or better than the recorders that just about all movies and music was recorded on pre 1970 or so.

    So not state of the art but still pretty good. For film work though you need a synchronizer. I have one for the Tascam but I don't know if that deck has one or can even be used with one. With out a synchronizer you can't keep the tracks in sync with picture.

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    Yes. It's a 12-track mixer and a six-track cassette recorder. It looks like a pretty flexible mixer with direct-outs for each channel (hard to find nowadays without spending a lot of cake). He/she probably had it set-up as six-in, six-out, unless there is more than one tape machine.

    Here's some a thread with some info and another site with some pix:

    BTW, there were 8-track cassete recorders, believe it or not, and I used a Vestax 6-track back in the day that was pretty good. So, if it's been taken care of, it might be pretty decent.

    Nice score!!!!

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