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    Much needed audio dubbing help
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    Hi to all,

    First of all I'd like to say that this website has helped me greatly since I purchased my AG DVX100. Thank you all for contributing your knowledge.

    I have a few beginner questions about Audio Dubbing. Note: I have the original AG DVX100 (Not the A or B)

    1) If I filmed a clip already, can I go back and audio dub it on my camera? Due to lack of time, I cannot dub it in Sony Vegas. Is it possible to hook up a microphone to the camera, press play on the part I want to dub, and just start talking into the mic as the video plays?

    2) If that is in fact possible, are there certain settings that my camera needs to be set to? Channels, Input, Audio dub settings (In the menu) etc.?

    3) If all the above works, when I do input the final dubbed version into Sony Vegas will it be a standard import procedure?

    As always, thanks for the help in advanced.

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    Here's some info I found...

    5.3 AV IN / OUT SETUP Screen

    A Dub Input - This selection allows you to pick the audio source to be used when an audio dub is performed.

    MIC: Selects the audio from the internal microphone or the external inputs to be recorded from the INPUT 1 and INPUT 2 XLR jacks. This is chosen with the CH1 SELECT and the CH2 SELECT switches on the side of the DVX-100.

    A_IN: The audio connected to the RCA AUDIO IN connectors is recorded.

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