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    Wireless lav mic with good bang for the buck?
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    Hey, i'm looking for a not too expensive wireless Lav mic, something that performs well for the price. Mainly used for seated interviews. Something around 150 - $230 mark.

    Any suggestions?

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    Derkoi, not to spam you with links, but...

    Location Sound/Post Audio forum here at DVX User, a better place to ask audio questions

    The $500 Wireless Question - a "stickied" thread in the LS/PA forum dedicated to answering just this question. The practical upshot of this thread is that anything less expensive than the Sennheiser G3 system (or perhaps a used G2 if you can find one that isn't a counterfeit, and the counterfeits are scarily hard to spot) is not worth your money.
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    Yes Derkoi, please, use the search function. There is a TON of knowledge here, at your fingertips. It's not that people don't want to help you, it that we ask that you see what has already been discussed first.

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