It's been quite a project, and I'm not quite done, but I wanted to share the write-up on my GH2 build with you all:

Quick summary:

  • Panasonic GH2
  • Cage and rail system featuring 6 carbon fiber rods, and dual aluminum C brackets, handle (Cinecity)
  • Lilliput 7″ HDMI monitor
  • Azden FMX-32 3-channel field mixer
  • Azden SGM-1X XLR Shotgun Microphone
  • Barska pistol grips (2)
  • Mattebox with quick release

I had some bad noise when powering the field mixer from the DC-DC converter (20V --> 12V), so for now I'm powering it off AA batteries. Working on cleaning up the output so that I can power everything from the Dewalt XRP battery. This rig works great. The FMX-32 field mixer offers a great headphone amp built in for monitoring, phantom power, peak detection, unbalanced output (goes straight into GH2), level indicator, and very clean sound. I'm quite happy overall.

  • Clean up power for field mixer
  • Finish pistol grips (need to be pinned so they don't rotate on clamps)
  • DIY shoulder pad