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    Hello Grant,
    yes I must agree too. This summer I was on an adventurous trip in Iceland with AG-HMC42. We were also on a known whales-observing trip under very bad weather conditions (foggy day around Húsavik in the north of Iceland, rain etc.). Trip was 3 hours long on a small fisher boat. I made one (but almost fatal) mistake because I didn´t put my rain cover with camera too. Even with my amateur on-board DIY anti-rain cover this Panasonic HMC42 was partly flooded with water (salt ocean...), which placed around front lens glasses behind my B+W XP Pro Nano filter..... Terrible view! Unfortunatelly I didn´t notice this little flooding immediately, so shortly after the trip (cca 0,5hour) I imprudently started HMC42 again but... after a few seconds HMC42 "died" (switched off few seconds after starting). Terrible situation... BUT! After 2 days of thorough drying my whole HCM42 compartments camera was back on track again! Although in the beginning there were some strange sounds that were recorded to video using internal HMC42 microphone (connection and recordings of sound through my external AudioTechnika AT2022 was still ok), after cca next 1-2 days these vanished and than it was all ok again!

    I have heard about some similar terrible situations after flooding mobile phones by my friends (but that was river water) in the past but no such of advanced camera electronics! Thank you Panasonic you made heavy-duty cameras!

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    I just read the original post and a couple others will read rest now, but just for thought

    we use shallow depth to focus/emphazise sth on screen. Try doing that with color, light, and set if you can ;) think of it as an exercise. Make a feature with deep field of focus. See what happens


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    Hi guys! This was the first feature film where I was pretty much the only crew member. I made coffee in the morning, set up audio and what lighting I had, did dolly and camera work and directed the actors. Loved it.
    80% of the film was shot in locations I had access too. That's what we wrote the story around... My apartment, my friends place, and my brothers garage. I had 1 lighting kit (500w JTL Kit - 3 lights with stands) and 3 clamp lights from home depot with 95w soft light bulbs. I've never lit / dp'd any of my other projects before in my life so this was fun (and scary) for me! I really enjoed the HMC40 while I had it!
    Since "Dealdy Presence" I have shot a music video "Burn Away" on the Canon T3i and two projects on the Panny GH4 "Struggle" short film and "Close Call" Shriekfest Film Fest Commercial. I was the only crew member on those projects as well. I'm still trying to learn / push lighting but I'm having fun :-)

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