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    Fluid Head and Sticks Recommendation.
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    I'm up grading from my Manfrotto 501 head and 547B tripod for my HMC 150. I really want a true fluid head. I plan to use my camera outdoors more and would like a tripod that is a little lighter. Thinking of a Sachtler. Willing to spend around 1500.00 Thanks for your help.

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    Two Sachtler systems that would work:

    The first one is a carbon fiber tripod, the second is aluminum. They work about equally well, but the CF is lighter.

    The Vinten Vision Blue system is also very nice and a little less expensive:

    I have the previous model Sachtler DV6SB head and aluminum legs, and also a Vision Blue head mounted on Miller DV Solo carbon fiber sticks. The Sachtler may be just a sconce smoother in operation (this is kind of a matter of taste) and has a slightly higher weight capacity, but the Vinten/Miller combo is lighter, faster to set up, a bit more mud resistant and can go very low to the ground thanks to the spreaderless Miller legs.

    I think any of these would work well for you.

    - Greg

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    I've got all these in stock and for a DVXuser can offer a 3% discount on prices advertised above:

    0372 Sachtler System FSB 4 MD includes: FSB 4 fluid head + tripod DA 75 long (#4183) + set mid-level spreader 75 (#7011) + padded bag DV 75 L (#9109) load: 8.9lbs
    0475 Sachtler System FSB 6 SL MCF FSB 6 fluid head (#0407) + tripod Speed Lock 75 CF (#4588)
    + set mid-level spreader 75 (#7011) + padded bag DV 75 S
    0772 Sachtler System FSB 8 MD includes: FSB 8 fluid head (#0707) + tripod DA 75 long (#4183) + set mid-level spreader 75
    (#7011) + padded bag DV 75 L (#9109) load: 20lbs
    VB-AP2M Vinten VB-AP2M Vision blue (V4092-0001), Two-Stage Aluminium Pozi-Loc Tripod (3819-3), Lightweight Mid-Level Spreader (V4032-0001), Soft Case (3358-3)

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