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    Basic Audio Question
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    Hey, I was wondering if you could help me out with the most basic question. I have the original AG DVX100 (not A or B) and I am familiar with the audio settings in the menu bar, but I am a bit confused with the outer switches.

    1) If I want to use my internal MIC should I turn of Channel 2, Turn on Channel 1, have the Input be at Int(l) or Input 1? (This is on the side of the camera)

    2) And then what should my setting be at the front of the camera Mic or Line? I guess my questions is the difference between Mic and Line?

    3) If I have my channel 1 set to ON and channel 2 set to OFF. Also I have it set to Input 1 (on the side of the camera) and MIC on the front, will that record using my internal mic?

    Thank you in advance for any advice I can get

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    This is based on the 100A manual, so there may be minor differences on the original, but if all you want is the internal mic, then the CH 1 SELECT switch should be set to "INT(L)" and the CH 2 SELECT switch to "INT(R)". In this configuration, the mic/line switches are irrelevant, as they only apply to the XLR inputs on the side.

    "Mic" and "line" refer to different output levels. A microphone typically outputs what's referred to as a "mic level" signal, which is amplified within the camera before being recorded to the tape; while most external mixers output a "line level" signal, which is much stronger and not internally amplified (although the output of some mixers can be switched between mic and line level).
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