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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas Worth View Post
    There may not be a need to transcode for your workflow. However, transcoding is entirely appropriate when working in a collaborative environment, say when different editors have different systems and/or different NLEs. Not everyone is using Premiere. In addition, some may want to transcode for the speed benefit. Editing with ProRes is going to be faster than editing with native H.264. Some may prefer this route, and using 5DtoRGB in this type of workflow is a great solution.

    Again, this depends on the user's needs. Don't assume that just because Premiere will edit H.264 natively that this solves all of the world's problems. For the home user or the wedding videographer, the Adobe suite may very well be a fine solution on its own. For feature film editing in a collaborative environment with multiple layers of editors, VFX people, colorists, etc. it may not. That's why 5DtoRGB exists. It eliminates any ambiguity about whether the footage will look right at any random point in the post process -- it just looks right, all the time.
    In a more perfect world we wouldn't NEED 5DtoRGB.
    If Adobe's got it right with CS5.5 then wonderful....they're off the hook.
    But for much of the rest.........

    This post here by Thomas pretty well sums up the overall situation.

    Do I need it for MY Adobe CS5.5? - No.
    If I'm passing files to others - it's a darn good safety precaution.

    When I look at it in these terms - I am left thinking it is something I should do with all of my files. I just can't risk issues with OTHER PEOPLE'S setups.

    I'm in.

    [edit:] Thanks go to fohdeesha for telling us why, and showing us how Adobe is outputting the .mts files correctly.
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    ^^ I think that quote by Thomas and DPStewart sums up this thread quite nicely. There's a ton of great information here. : )

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