Hi all,

So my workflow in transferring / transcoding has been this:

1. plug HMC150 in to MAC
2. copy the "PRIVATE" folder, the main directory on the SD card, over to HD
3. when time to edit, I log and transfer from the "PRIVATE"

I've noticed something weird.

After plugging in the cam to the MAC, all of the clips are all there and as they should be in the Log & Transfer window.
However, if i look at the .mts files inside the SD card via the finder inside the "STREAM" directory, its all messed up.
certain clips are replaced by previously recorded clips. i.e. clip #80 turns out to be clip #55... its all weird and messed up.

firstly, am I correct in copying over the "PRIVATE" folder, and is there any way this could be causing some kind of weird mix / mash on the card?