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    Look, it is dangerous to cling to this 72dpi notion -- dangerous because it will lead you down the wrong path. Let's imagine I'm going to scan a photo for use in a video -- ahh, simple you say ... scan at 72dpi. Or not. If I had a 4x6 print and scanned it at that, I'd end up with a file that was barely 280 pixels tall and less than 450 wide. So 72 dpi means nothing when gathering photos for video, and as the resolution doesn't change when I show it on my bigger and better screen, it means nothing when showing video. 72dpi is at best a suggestion as to what might make an acceptable print from video -- but it is just that, a printers term, and no use to us here.


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    DPI is really for print. The most important thing is that the resolution is identical to the video that you are working with.

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