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    Rendering and gamma shifts After Effects CS 5.5
    I´m trying to render my music video as a QT animation file (need a lossless file to make more effects over) from After Effects CS5.5 on my iMac (Lion) and make it look like the footage within AE, without any luck. Footage looks washed out and colours change, i know about the "QT Gamma bug" and i usually fixed this with the video transparency setting i QT Pro, but now when im on Lion it doesn't seem to work anymore!?

    I need helpful tips on how to render my After Effects comp with a loosless format without the gamma shift... Is there some other lossless formats and then what codec should i use when upploading to vimeo? MP4 also looks bad!


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    QT is just annoying. You could try render as a PNG sequence. There are some good lossless codecs for avi but I don't know for Mac, sry.
    For vimeo, go for x264.


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